Person Behind The Business

I use my creative skills to style clients for photo-shoots, produce visually appealing fashion features and write short articles for magazines.

My initiative is aimed at discovering new collections, brands, designers, photographers, models and venues. It does involve a lot of research online & offline.

My mission is to empower my clients and boost their confidence by creating a unique look and transform their appearance into a desired image. It's about having fun with fashion as well.

Styling models for fashion photo-shoots and be involved in the production side of it are two favourite aspects of my job.

Fashion is a fast-changing environment so I thrive on being busy, solving problems, collaborating with others and using my flair for fashion as well.

Having a "I can-do"attitude, be resourceful and learn to adapt quickly are very helpful qualities in this profession.

I have a certificate in Fashion Design and currently I'm studying Fashion Styling  with Milan Fashion Campus in order to improve my skills & knowledge.

If you need my assistance in styling for a photo-shoot or commercial event, I'm here to help!


Kasia Guzik