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Person Behind The Business

My name is Kasia and I began my journey with The Mania in December 2020, a freelance business that has allowed me to explore fashion styling and transit into a new passion of photography.

My initial experience with the industry began as a fashion contributor for local magazines. This role ignited my creativity and sparked a deep fascination with fashion styling; and eventually, photography.

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with talented local photographers on fashion shoots, allowing me to bring my creative ideas to life.

During this transformative period, I found myself drawn to photography. Capturing my vision and turning it into enduring visual stories brings me great satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment.


My passion is driven by pursuing challenging themes, creating engaging content and collaborating with like-minded individuals

as I continually learn from others and new experiences.

I hope to inspire, connect and contribute to the ever-evolving world

of photography, whether it's art, fashion or travel.

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